10 Best Basketball Shoes for Women Reviewed


Last Update: April 4, 2022

Finding the Best Basketball Shoes for women is the most difficult task. Therefore, many beginners end up purchasing the worst shoes for their game. If you don’t want to regret your decision after buying the basketball shoes, then have a look at our honestly crafted reviews of the best available shoes.

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Let’s get right into this;

Best Basketball Shoes for women – Reviews

Adidas Men’s Explosive Bounce Running Shoe

Adidas Men's Explosive Bounce Running Shoe

These shoes of the Adidas were manufactured with both textile and synthetic material to keep the weight of the boots lighter while maintaining the quality at the higher end. No matter, how long you practice, the lightweight of these shoes will never cause you the pain or fatigue in your feet.
During the game, the feet sweat more than usual. But while wearing these shoes, you don’t have to worry about anything. Because their synthetic material works along with the upper mesh of the shoes for keeping the moisture away from the feet. Now, you will never have the chance to complain about the infection, fungus or any other issue due to breathability.
The shoes are also equipped with the inner sole and the cushioning feature for serving you with the comfortability during the entire game. What else do you need?
Why do we like it?
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Cushioning
  • The great traction basketball floor
Our Verdict
  • These great looking basketball shoes provide the perfect ratio of the price and the performance. If you used to play at the aggressive positions, or you have an aggressive game style, then you can’t afford to miss these shoes.

Under Armour Women’s Drive 5 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Women's Drive 5 Basketball Shoe

These stylish shoes from the well-known brand Armour have the lace-up closure system that allows everyone to adjust the boots according to their own feet nature easily. But the mid-top from the arch reflects that these shoes are specifically designed for the heavier feet players.
These shoes have been manufactured with synthetic material entirely. Therefore, they are relatively lighter in weight. No matter, how long you have to keep running with these shoes, your feet will never get tired due to their weights. On top of all that, the rubber sole is the most exciting thing about these shoes. You will be able to keep your grip stronger on the basketball court’s floor in every situation.
Moreover, the synthetic material of these shoes is also making them breathable so that your feet remain safe from every biological issue. In addition to all these features, they are also equipped with the EVA midsole for cushioning your feet and for providing you the comfort during the whole game.

Why do we like it?
  • Easy on and off closure system
  • Synthetic material for Lightweight
  • EVA midsole for comfort
  • Absorb all external shocks
Our Verdict
  • These innovatively designed shoes proved themselves to be the best option for the basketball players. Most of the people have a concern about the price. But In comparison to the features, they are reasonably priced.

Nike Women’s Air Force 1 High White

Nike Women's Air Force 1 High White

Here’s the expensive pair for the professional basketball women player with a clean yet smooth design. These shoes have both the strap and the lace-up system for the proper adjustment. And for the breathability, they have designed the upper with the tiny holes pattern that keeps allowing the air to get through it. The most interesting part of these shoes is that they do not let the odor to build up within.
The rubber sole of the shoes ensures that your feet remain in touch with the ground all the time, and you will not even lose the traction even on the wet floor. These are the lightweight shoes, have durable manufacturing, attractive design but the problem is that they are not available in a variety of sizes. Only the specific sized women can avail the perks of these shoes. Check out the availability of your size, if you got the one for you. Then you must not have to move on any other option.

Why do we like it?
  • Clean yet attractive design
  • Keep the moisture away from feet
  • Odor-free shoes
  • Provide perfect grip on every sort of floor
Our Verdict
  • Overall, the features of these shoes perfectly aligned with the requirements of basketball professionals. They are strong enough that you will keep using them for many years to come and comfortable enough that your feet will never face fatigue. If you got one according to your size, then consider yourself luckiest player, and grab a pair for yourself.

No.66 TOWN Women’s Athletic Shoes

No.66 TOWN Women's Athletic Shoes

These shoes were designed by considering the athletic requirements. But the basketball players have also noticed the improvement in their game after playing with these shoes because of the feature that they have to offer you.
When you will leap into the court while wearing these shoes, their design will definitely catch every eye’s attention. But more importantly, they have also eliminated many brands, when it comes to the performance and user experience.
The upper of the shoes have been designed with the breathable liner in order to prevent the sweat and the odor from building within the shoes. Whereas, the sole of the shoes has the rubber material that is known for serving the user with top-in-class traction. Moreover, the outsole and the inner sole are stronger enough that none of the external shocks will be able to affect your stability or comfort.

Why do we like it?
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Attractive
Our Verdict
  • These Sneaker styled shoes make their way into our recommended list due to the breathability, flexibility, comfortable sole, and for the durability. If you want the sporty shoes, that allow you to wear them in a variety of sports, then this would be the best bet for you.

No.66 TOWN Women’s Air Cushion Athletic Shoes

No.66 TOWN Women's Air Cushion Athletic Shoes

If you love to wear colorful yet stylish looking shoes during the basketball game, then these shoes from No.66 Town should be your consideration. They are not only attractive but also have the guts to make yourself more confident on the court. And that’s the main reason, for which we have added these shoes on our list.
They are manufactured with the fabric net material. And due to this synthetic material, the overall weight of the shoes is relatively lighter in weight that allows you to jump and run freely. Along with the material, the strong stitching of the shoes is something that adds more to the confidence of the player. They are reported to be used for many years.
Furthermore, their rubber sole helps you out in maintaining the balance and the stability along with the better grip on the floor. They are also designed to prevent every external shock so that you can keep focusing on the game without thinking about anything.
Why do we like it?
  • Versatile shoes
  • Stylish look
  • Lightweight allows you to jump and run freely
  • Absorb every external shock
Our Verdict
  • Their features and design make them the perfect versatile shoes. No matter, for what sport you need the boots, these shoes will make you satisfied in every situation. They could be worn for running, walking, tennis, basketball and for some other sports too. Grab it right now, if you are also a versatile player in your town.

Nike Sf Air Force 1 Boots

Nike Sf Air Force 1 Boots

Most of the manufacturers compromise on the quality of the shoes for making them lightweight. But that’s not a case with these shoes of Nike. They managed to keep the weight of the shoes lighter while maintaining the quality.
The leather is the main material that was chosen for the manufacturing of these shoes, to ensure the long-lasting life span. Along with that, the stitching of the shoes has the same contribution in making the shoes durable.
If you are from those who used to have more concern about the design, then don’t worry! These shoes are designed in a way that they could easily satisfy the appetite of every fashion-savvy player. Dual strap on the top arch and the lace-up closure system are the main components that are enhancing the attractiveness of these shoes.
Although these were not designed for the basketball player, the rubber sole is the main reason for which the beginners and non-professional players are using them for their games.
Why do we like it?
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Provide a perfect grip on the road
  • Easily adjustable closure system
Our Verdict
  • The quality, feature, and design of these shoes make them the perfect fit for the beginner and intermediate basketball players. And you will have to change these shoes, after getting into the professional level games.

Adidas Women’s Pro Model Zero W Basketball Shoe

Adidas Women's Pro Model Zero W Basketball Shoe

These shoes are perfectly designed according to the needs of the basketball players. Either you want to improve your game, or want the perfect companion for the next professional sport, these shoes are the absolute gem for you.
For making these shoes suitable for the basketball player, they have used synthetic material entirely. That ultimately reduces the overall weight of the shoes. No matter, how long you have to sprint while wearing these shoes, they will never cause any issue to your feet. Moreover, the synthetic material also turns them into the best breathable shoes. Your sweat will not be able to stay inside the boots to build bacteria and odor.
They are also equipped with the rubber sole that keeps your traction on the floor strongly for the longest time. If you want the shoes that could help you out in maintaining the balance and the traction on every kind of floor, then these shoes are the best fit for you.
Why do we like it?
  • Keep your feet in comfort all day long
  • Versatile design
  • Breathable
  • Provides traction on every kind of floor
Our Verdict
  • Overall, these shoes have everything that you could imagine in the best basketball shoes. From the comfort to the performance, everything is at its best. They are highly recommended to you for the cushioning, durability, style, and lightweight.

Under Armour Women UA Torch Shoes

Under Armour Women UA Torch Shoes

Here’s another model from Armour, who managed to steal the position on our list. Because of the higher quality and basketball player’s oriented design.
For the quality, they have manufactured them with a combination of leather and textile. No matter, in what sort of environment you through these shoes into, they will manage to survive so that you can keep using them for many next upcoming games.
The comfort of the player has equal importance as the durability of the shoes have. Therefore, these shoes are also equipped with the EVA midsole, which works to provide comfort to your feet during the game. More precisely, they make it easy for you to land comfortably after hooping the ball.
Like every other shoe, you will also find the breathability feature in these shoes that keeps your feet dry and fresh all the time. So, if your chubby feet sweat more than usual during the game, then still there would be no chance of any infection.
Why do we like it?
  • Suitably designed for a basketball player
  • Breathability
  • Attractive look
  • Best performing from every perspective
Our Verdict
  • These shoes from Armour are suitable for those, who love to have the stylish yet durable and the best performing shoes for their basketball career.

Air Jordan 1 Mid (Gs) Shoes for Women

Air Jordan 1 Mid (Gs) Shoes for Women

If you have ever got a chance to visit the shoe market, then, Jordan is the name that you might be already familiar with. Jordan used to be counted as the leader of the footwear industry due to their exceptional shoes. The same is the case with this model. These shoes have excellent features and performance levels. But everyone can’t afford to get these fantastic shoes.
For serving you with the long-lasting experience, they have made the shoes upper with the leather material. Obviously, the leather material could create an unfavorable environment inside the shoes. Therefore, they have put the tiny holes above the toe so that that environment within the shoes remain pleasant in every situation.
The traction of the shoes is also at its best due to the rubber sole. Although the sole don’t have the lugs or something similar, still, they are noted to provide the best traction on the basketball floor.
Why do we like it?
  • Traction
  • Leather material
  • Toe design brings comfort
  • Padded cushioning
Our Verdict
  • These shoes have everything, what it takes to be the best basketball player. The only reason for which most people avoid them is the price tag. But the features of these shoes worth the money. We would recommend you, not to overlook this model, if you can afford it.

Under Armour Women’s UA Jet Mid

Under Armour Women’s UA Jet Mid

These shoes are manufactured with a combination of both mesh and synthetic material to set them apart from the crowd. There are many shoes available who are trying to compete these shoes with the price tag, but they are constantly outperforming all of them with great features.
They have the lace-up closure for lock in the player’s feet. The more strongly the shoes adjust, the more confidently the player can play. Moreover, the outer sole of the shoes is also working to enhance the confidence of the player. While wearing these shoes, players will never think of falling down due to the slippery floor, just because of their slip-resistant rubber sole. Along with that, they are also noted to serve the user with the cushioning.

Why do we like it?
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Stylish design
Our Verdict
  • These shoes are recommended to those players, who value the comfort, performance, and style evenly. There is nothing that they have not added in these shoes. In fact, being a basketball player, these shoes should be part of your collections.


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