Methods for Removing Paint from Your Shoes


Last Update: May 10, 2020

Everyone says that people start to look and judge your clothing from what you wear on your feet. That’s the main reason why shoes have become paramount of an accessory of our day to day dressing. But most of us have always become a victim of stubborn paint stains on our shoes. These paint stains destroy the amazing sassy look of your shoes and removing them is a daunting task.

How to remove paint from shoes

We face this situation usually when we are painting our house, or we actually are a painter or working on projects which make use of paint. However, these can be avoided and these paint stains, although they seem impossible, can be removed easily.
We will write about all we know about how to remove paint from shoes and making this impossible task possible. So here we go:

2 Way to get paint out of Shoes

Method Number 1: to remove dry paint from shoes

First of all, if the paint is dry, then use a sharp tool or knife and try to remove the dried paint. Using a wet sponge to bloat the shoes may make your work easier. Always use a lot of water while doing the process of bloating.

Caution: Be careful while using sharp objects and even be careful while using them with shoes so that they are not damaged.
After scrubbing with water and removing dried paint, soak the shoe or rather sponge it with a mixture of detergent and water. Using pressure is the key to clean shoes!

Then again rinse with clean water and let them dry. However, even if this doesn’t remove your paint stains, try using nail polish remover. Nail polish remover has a mixture of ethanol which can easily remove marker and paint stains from different things including your shoes.

Method Number 2: to remove paint from leather shoes

This method is specially mentioned for leather lovers. Those who have leather shoes have to be careful with the process of removing stains because we have to preserve leather as well.

In order to proceed with this, first, take a white cloth and try to remove the paint using that clean wet cloth. Paint doesn’t soak deep into the leather as it does in fabric!

The second step is to take cotton and soak it into alcohol and dab it and then apply it on the paint which is on the shoes. Repeat this procedure until most of the paint is removed. Then use a dry cloth after removing the paint. Do the above-mentioned steps until your shoes are free of paint.

Lastly, you need to apply leather wax on it. This is because alcohol can harm your leather and make it dry and discolored. In order to avoid that, we make use of leather wax which helps leather to regain its shine!


Now, this essential skill of removing paint from shoes will always come in handy and for sure it will save your day when you need it the most. Removing wet is easier than dry paints but usually, the method is the same but always be careful and avoid applying any kind of new liquid or chemical on your shoes until you know that it doesn’t harm the texture of the shoe.

I hope you have gained the skill of how to remove paint from shoes whether it is acrylic or spray paints from your lovely pair of shoes.



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