How to get rid of yellow stains on white shoes?


Last Update: May 5, 2020

We all love white shoes, right. They are those pairs of shoes which we can wear with any casual outfit. However, how cool may they seem, there is always a problem associated with them. They are vulnerable to yellow stains! These stains always disrupt our mood and those who are obsessed with white color, are those who are most affected.

How to get rid of yellow stains on white shoes

Now this detailed article will clear your concept about how to get rid of yellow stains on white shoes? Now read that in a flow.

How do these stains occur?

Usually, these white shoes get yellow after we wash them. This is because when the wet white shoes are placed in the sun, some chemical reaction is triggered which results in the white color of shoes turning yellow. We can even consider it as oxidation due to air. Other reasons may include dirt, sweat, or even left up detergent on the shoes which cause staining.

How to get rid of the stains?

Here we jump into the method:

use toothbrush paste on white shoes to get rid yellow stains

1- First of all, place your white shoes in water and let them soak the water. The water may get murky and dirty due to the dust on shoes.

2- Now, use a brush to clean up the shoes. Start with the soles first because they are the dirtiest part of a shoe.

3- After doing that, besmirch the brush with toothpaste and rub it over your white shoes. You will notice that your shoe is getting its original look back.

4- Now repeating the soaking procedure in clean water so that all the toothpaste is washed out. Do this carefully and take all your time so that no toothpaste on your shoe is left. Moreover, this was the first-ever reason your shoes got yellow because detergent wasn’t washed properly.

5- Lastly, drain all the water and cover your shoes with tissue papers and make sure no area is left uncovered. You will notice tissues have become yellow but the good thing is your shoes are white back again.

Apart from that, there is another method which we will mention below.

Alternate Method:

use lemon on white shoes to get rid yellow stainsWe can use lemon to make our white shoes look white. Now you might be wondering, why lemon? Lemon is acidic and it acts as bleach and even acts as a disinfectant.
Following are the instructions to follow:

1- Use a lemon squeezer or your hand to squeeze out the lemon juice in a bowl.

2- Add water to it and mix it well.

3- Take a sponge or cloth and dip it in the mixture.

4- Rub that cloth or sponge on yellow stains on your shoes.

Once you are satisfied with the color of shoes, just rinse your shoes and wash them and repeat that tissue step again which we mentioned in the above method.


There are numerous other ways which can be used but we tried to mention those methods which are most effective and can be used without purchasing any expensive thing. More importantly, it can be implemented on any kind of material the shoes are made of. Lastly, if you want to go a step further, you can buy white shoe polish or shoe whiteners which can serve as an alternative to our above-mentioned methods.
We hope, now you are aware of how to get rid of yellow stains on white shoe?



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